Browse & Download Sage data.

Excelerator allows users to list, select and download Sage data from within MS Excel. 

 UE Browse 6

Excelerator allows users to browse on different Sage fields.  You can browse Nominal codes for example, customers etc. and you can also browse Sage options Journal Type or Posting Options for example.  Excelerator also allows you to search for or filter the Sage data.  Once selected the data can easily be returned to the active cell in the Excel sheet.     

There are three ways of getting to the selection box.

 5 ways to access Selection box

.There are several ways to activate the Excelerator Selection box.

  • Excel right click - the mouse selects a range and right click will pop up a standard Excel menu, on ranges where selection is available  - Browse Records option appears on top of the menu.  
      BrowseAccess - Excelerator Help
  • Browse Button in the Excel Ribbon

Ribbon Browse  

  • Keyboard shortcut for Browse. Using the Ctrl + F2 will also bring up the selection box.  
  • Fast Entry - Start Fast Entry by clicking on the module panel in the ribbon.  Note the option changes to Stop Fast Entry after starting.
    Once Fast Entry is on the selection box is accessed by typing data into the relevant range (cell) and tabbing off the cell.
  • Ribbon download- Selecting the Download button from the module ribbon.


SelectDataDownload - Excelerator Help

Note: If the right click to browse option becomes unavailable (you are unable to Browse Records on a field that you can normally browse on) then use the Browse option in the Excel Ribbon. One of the reasons that the Right Click Browse may become unavailable is when the excelerator ranges have a different definition (for example a Table definition). To resolve - use the "Convert to Range" option in excel and this should allow for the right click browse to be available again. For further help contact Codis Support.

Searching or filtering Sage data

Excelerator Selection box is a sophisticated search engine.  It allows user to select a single or multiple items from a list. 


The Selection box is broken into two panels - a list of items available for selection - a list of selected items.  

 Selection Box (Browse, Download) - Excelerator Help

There are several buttons within the form see below

Selection Box Buttons - Excelerator Help

Filtering (searching) for records

There is a facility to filter the selection box for specific text - on the top right hand corner of the box the user can enter text.

Selection Box Search - Excelerator Help 

The text entered will filter the list and only show items which contain the entered text.

Selection Box filter - Excelerator Help

When the selected box contain the items required - click Ok

Selection Box Ok - Excelerator Help 

When you have downloaded the fields you can change the data - Validate the changes you made conform to Sage rules - and Save to Sage.