Validate is used to check the data on the spreadsheet is compatible with Sage accounting rules. 

Validate - Excelerator Help Validate lists any issues along with the error description and the line where the error occurred.  By clicking next to the error Excelerator takes you to the row in question

Select Validate from the Ribbon for the relevant module.  A box appears listing all rows where problems were encountered.  Validate quickly directs you to the row where the issue was encountered by clicking next to the row in the validate box (see above). 

When Validate encounters no errors the following box appears - and the information is ready to Save to Sage.

Alert box for Excelerator errors

 Any validation errors will be displayed in the Validation panel as shown below.

 List of Excelerator validation errors

Note: Ticking Fixed does not actually correct an error but acts is a reminder that the error has been corrected.

Once the data conforms to the Sage accounting rules you can Save it to Sage.