Customise Display Settings

Users can customise their Excelerator Ribbons and panels.  As a default all installed modules appear on the Excelerator Ribbon.  The user is able to hide unused modules and/or change the sequence of the modules.  Certain forms appear when using Excelerator (Designer Validate etc.) - the user can control where these forms appear.

Ribbon Hide Modules 

 CEDisplaySettingsRibbonVisible - Excelerator Help

To control which installed modules appear on the  Excelerator ribbon - use Display Settings from the Excelerator Login Panel.  From within Display Settings you can tick which installed modules appear on the ribbon or un-tick to hide a module.  To install extra modules first download the required module and see Install Excelerator Module. 

Ribbon Sequence

The Sequence in which the different module parameters appear in the ribbon can be controlled from here.

 CEDisplaySettingsRibbonSequence Excelerator Help 

Simply order the modules left to right by dragging the module up or down in the list.  Changes in sequence are not taken into account until the next user login.

Designer / Validate Forms

Forms that appear in Excelerator can be controlled by select selecting Right Panel, Left Panel or floating
 CEDisplaySettingsPanels - Excelerator Help

Error Log

The Error Log can be enabled or disabled by choosing True or False next to Enable Logging.  It is possible to view the error log under Log Viewer.