Designer Tools/Options

Advanced Features

The Designer adds significantly to the overall power of Excelerator.  Designer comes with advanced features.

  1. Tools - provides ongoing maintenance to Excelerator Templates and Ranges.
  2. Options controls default behaviour of the ranges.  Options can have one of two settings enabled or disabled.  Options need to be set before Designer is used to configure a template.

Accessing the Designer Tools and Options menu  Getting Started DesignerToolsOptions -Excelerator Help

Access the Excelerator Ribbon - Load Designer and click on the Options Button.

 This Section Contains


  1. Resize detail ranges -
  2. Save range definition -
  3. Load range definition -
  4. Remove orphan ranges -
  5. Update sheet ranges -


  1. Add Browse
  2. Add Excel format to range
  3. Add length validation
  4. Add column headings
  5. Add header labels
  6. Add tool tips
  7. Add colour
  8. Autoshift