Over-riding cause

There is an issue with the Excelerator Template.  An Excelerator Template is an Excel file that is designed for use by Excelerator.  

Quick Checks

Check that you have a template open - first time users can access default templates that are installed as part of the Excelerator Installation.

Check that you have accessed the correct module (within the Excelerator ribbon) for the template - each Template is module specific. 

If you have upgraded Excelerator to the latest version V3 - the template may be of an earlier design - follow to configure earlier templates for V3 to overcome this issue.


If these steps have not resolved the issue you will need to so some investigation.  The first step when trying to resolve this issue is to check whether the Template has been corrupt.  Access the Designer for the relevant module and check that Ranges are ticked.


Reason 1 - Using a Template after copying or renaming a worksheet in the template.


The Designer would show no ranges ticked.


To fix this problem you would need to go back to an older template. 

The correct way to copy a worksheet for Excelerator Copy a worksheet with an Excelerator Template

The correct way to rename a worksheet for Excelerator Rename a worksheet with an Excelerator Template

Reason 2 - When some ranges have been deleted within an existing Template


The Designer shows some ranges ticked.


To fix this problem there are two steps.

  1. Delete Orphan Ranges
  2. Resize Ranges 

Reason 3 - A mandatory or required range is not included in the template


The Designer show some ranges ticked - but an unticked range is highlighted in red and the error panel lists a missing range.


See Designer