Templates not working after upgrade.

 After upgrading Excelerator older templates may need to be configured before working.

Excelerator V3 and new Range definitions.

The new range definitions allow Codis to be more specific when defining ranges - there is however a disadvantage - Templates from older versions of Excelerator will not work out of the box. 

Fixing Older Templates

UE OptionOldRangeFormats

To fix this - Access the Ribbon for the relevant Module and click on Options


A form will open with options related to the specific module - find the option that mentions ranges - (there maybe two on some modules) tick the box next to this option.

UE OptionOldRangeFormatsCapture 

Click Save and Close

The ranges should now be visible to Excelerator designer.

If this does not solve the problem please go to Mandatory Range missing.