Install Sage 1000 / Sage 500 Excelerator single installer

This page explains how to install Sage 1000 / Sage 500 Excelerators

Administrative rights are required to install Excelerator.   The following instructions describe the installation procedure for the Sage 1000/500 Single installer. There are more Excelerators in the V1 section of the website.

Download the single installer and extract to a temporary folder. Right click on the StandardExceleratorSuite and Run as administrator to start the installation process. ( You must do this even if you are logged in as Administrator.)  Click Next to continue.

 S1000 install 1

The licence agreement is then displayed.  Read the licence agreement and select Yes to Accept

S1000 install 2

Enter the Full User Name and Company Name details. Select whether the application can be used by any user or just by you. Click Next to continue.

S1000 install 3

The default installation folder will be indicated on the installation screen and cannot be changed. Click Next to continue.

S1000 install 4

On this screen below you can select only the Excelerators you want or the full list. You can then hide unused Excelerators in Excel and unhide them when you want to licence and use them.  The Excelerators not ticked below are not available yet. 

S1000 install 5

It is now possible to review the settings that have been chosen.  If the details are correct, click Next to continue. 

S1000 install 6

 The installation will begin and once it has completed, click Finish.

S1000 install 7

Note: prior to the installation commencing, it will be possible to return to the previous screens by selecting Back, should it be necessary to change the settings. It is possible to exit the process at any time by selecting Cancel.

Once Excelerator is installed the next step is to License your software.