Excelerator needs to be licensed in order for it to be used. There are different types of licence:

  1. Full - This is a one-year licence.  A full License requires a License ID which is supplied by Codis
  2. Demo - This allows users to experiment with the product for a limited time period.  Issuing a Demo Licence is completely at the discretion of Codis.  There are two kinds
    1. Demo - Standard Demo permits use of Excelerator but is restricted to posting 5 to 10 rows (max) at a time.
    2. UnRestricted Demo - users have full use of Excelerator for the limited time period.

This Section contains

  1. Request a new Full Licence - to apply a purchased licence for new installations.
  2. Request a new Demo Licence to request a new demo licence,
  3. Request a licence renewal - to request a licence extension.
  4. Activate the returned Licence - On receipt of Activation Code from Codis Licensing.