Licence Activate

Before you can activate a licence - you will have to generate a licence request and forward the copied request to  Codis Licensing will email back a Licence Activation code - this will usually be in the format of a text file attached to the email. Open the attachment - copy the contents in to your clipboard (<Ctrl A followed by Ctrl <C>).

The activation is entered as follows.

Getting Started Licence Activate - Excelerator Help 

The detailed steps are as follows - Load MS Excel and access the Excelerator Ribbon.  Then click on License.

The status of the current license will be displayed. 


Click on Licence > Enter Activation Code.

 LicenceEnterActivation Excelerator Help

The following screen will be displayed.

Copy the Activation String from the email received from Codis Licensing and paste into the licensing window by selecting Paste activation code.

On doing so a preview of the licence details will be displayed.

If the details are not correct please contact us immediately.

If the details are correct then, click Activate product which will display a pop-up confirmation.


Clicking OK to the pop-up will complete the licence activation process and display the licence details and the expiry date.

The licence window can be closed by selecting 'X' in the top right hand corner of the screen.