Renew your licence

This section is to help users to renew their licence.  Licences run for a period of time and need to be renewed when this time period expires.  Normally, you will receive an invoice and if the invoice is paid the Licence can be renewed.

How to Request a Renewal

 Request Renewal Licence

Once you have copied the Licence Request to your clipboard - email these details to Codis at 

Codis should email back an Activation Renewal code - to apply this see Activate Licence Section

Detailed Steps

The detailed steps are - Load MS Excel and access the Excelerator Ribbon.  Then click on Licence.  The status of the current licence will be displayed.


Click on Licence > Generate Licence Request.


In detail - If the User information is incorrect or incomplete Tick Edit your information and correct the users details.

If you wish to subscribe to news and updates then, tick this box and provide an email address, otherwise, leave un-ticked. 

At Machine drop-down list always select "I am using a Desktop" - the other options are yet to be implemented.

Click Generate request code to generate a licence request and then click Copy to clipboard. The licence request string will be copied to the clipboard and can be pasted into an email to be sent to in order to obtain the Activation Codes.

Close the window by selecting the 'x' in the top right hand corner of the box.  Note, should the Generate Licence Request option be re-selected before the Activation Codes are entered then, the details entered previously will show as blank until the Activation Codes are entered.

Once the licence string is received by email from Codis Licensing, then this should be applied as described in Activate Licence section.

Note, the licence string must be applied within seven days of receipt otherwise, it will expire.