Online Licensing

Online licensing allows you to administer your own licences, eliminating the need to contact us.

First, you must choose one person to be the Licence Administrator for your company. Send their email address to our licensing team annual renewal will then be automated for end-users and no action will be required from them.

Excelerator can be downloaded from here.

Once Excelerator has been installed, follow the steps below to activate your licences online. For new licences, contact our Sales department ( or your Sage reseller as before. New and demo licences are available upon receipt of a purchase order or confirmation that you require a demo licence. 

Please note: A Microsoft account will be required to license Excelerator.

This Section contains

  1. License Standard Excelerator Online - how to license standard modules online.
  2. License Terminal Service and Citrix Online - how to license Terminal Service/Citrix modules online.
  3. Codis Web Portal - where you can administer your own licences.
  4. Online Licensing FAQs