Codis Web Portal

The web portal allows customers to administer their own licences without the need to contact us, e.g. to change PCs or Users. The login is protected with Microsoft / Google Account credentials. The email address is used to create a secure link, although the password is not held by us.

On the screen below, we can see Bob Smith's active licenses:
Active LicensesThis reconciles with the view the Licence Administrator sees in the web portal:

Web Portal View

The Licence Administrator can drag and drop licences from the unused list on the left to the list assigned to either Bob Smith or other users. If users log in to Excelerator and request licences, they will be allocated automatically and an entry will appear on the right-hand side for the new user. 

Below, we have two users Bob Smith and Susan Jones. The Licence Administrator is called Steven Clifford:

Change Licenses

Clicking “Show details” reveals icons to the side of each PC . The Crossicon allows you to remove the computer:
Remove Computer

When you click Cross, the PC will be removed form the list and the licences will return to the unallocated list on the left. 

Download Report

 Download Report Button

Download Report gives you a summary of users, PCs and licences you have (generated in a CSV file). An example is below:Report Sample