License Standard Excelerator Online

Once Excelerator has been installed, you should see the Excelerator tab in Excel. Click on "Select Modules":
Excelerator Tab in Excel

A screen displaying all the modules will appear. Select the modules you have purchased and need to license. Click "Ok":
Select Modules Required

The first time you do this, there will be a validation of your email address. This should be done by your Licence Administrator. Once this link has been established on each end-user's PC, the registration window will not appear again:
Register Now

Enter the end-user’s first and last name (these details are recorded at Codis). There is an optional field to subscribe the end-user to email updates. Finally, enter the end-user's email address. Click "Next", followed by "Login":
Login Screen

"Login" takes you to a web browser, where the License Administrator needs to sign in with the Office 365 / Google account they provided to us. Internet Explorer normally works for this registration but we also support Edge and Chrome. This only has to be done once on each PC:

Office 365 Google 

If using an Office 365 Account - you will see the following screen to enter your credentials.

Office365 Login

If you don’t have an account, you can create one using this screen. If you already have multiple accounts, you will get the option to login with any of your valid accounts.

If using a Google Account - you will see the following screen to enter your credentials.

Google Account

If you want to create a Google Account then clicking on "More options" will allow you to do that. Please note that 2 step verification may be required when creating a new account. This is where a code is sent to a mobile number while creating an account.  

If successfully signed in, you will get the following message in your browser:

Sign In Success 

Close the browser window and return to the Registration Wizard. Click "View Licences" to see the status of your licences:

This is an example of a valid licence:
Licenses Validated

To license Excelerator on Terminal Services/Citrix, you need to follow the same steps, except for one minor difference. Please see here.