Online Licensing FAQs

What are the advantages of online licensing?

End-users will not have to get involved in the licensing process. The Licence Administrator will be able to move licences from PCs and Users without contacting Codis. End-users will not have to do anything at the time of their annual renewal.

What happens if I do not have Internet connection? Will my licence still work?

The licence remains active while the computer is offline.

How many Licence Administrators can I have?

You can have more than one Licence Administrator, just let us know the name and email address of the backup person. 

Why do I need a Microsoft account?

Your License Administrator needs this to administer your licences. Codis use the security that comes with a Microsoft account to validate the email address you're using to connect to your licence.

How can I setup a Microsoft account?

Go to Microsoft's website here

What happens if my PC gets replaced?

Your License Administrator will be able to de-assign the licences from your old PC and assign them to your new PC. This is done through our web portal.

What happens if I am not connected to the Internet during the Registration Wizard?

You will get the message “Error registering this computer”. You must have an active internet connection to register online.

What happens if some users in the company don’t upgrade?

Excelerator will still work, but for ease of administration, we recommend upgrading all your modules. Online licensing is not available for V1.

Can I use the Web Portal from a PC that doesn't have Excelerator installed?

The web portal can be accessed from any PC with an active Internet connection.