1. Ensure you have Sage and Excel installed.
  2. Know the versions of Sage and Excel software you are using.
  3. Need .NET Framework v4.5 installed on the system.
  4. Check Supported Platforms (Sage 200, Sage1000/500). 
    1. To see which versions of Sage and MS Office are supported.
    2. To decide whether to install V1 or V3 modules.
    3. To see which databases other than SQL are supported.
    4. To see currently available modules.
  5. Have Administrator Access to your PC.
  6. For Sage 200 ensure you have Sage 200 Client Installed.
  7. For Sage 500/ 1000 ensure have access and connection details to Sage server.
  8. A License ID should have been supplied by Codis for each module chosen.Non-demo installations only.

Once you are happy that your system meets the requirements - the next step is to download the setups ready for installation.