Log Viewer

Excelerator keeps a log of Error Messages and Exceptions that might occur whilst in use.

LogViewer can display these Error Messages and Exceptions which may prove useful in trying to diagnose any issues. 

Log Viewer

There is the ability to search for a particular Error Message or Exception using the Search box below.

Columns of information may be sorted in ascending or descending order.

Clicking on a row will display additional information relating to the Error/Exception in the Log Item Details section.

Log File Viewer

The logging configuration is contained in the app.config file in the installation directory.  

Logging is activated by default. Logging can be enabled/disabled under Customise Display Settings.


Log Viewer - Ribbon Does Not Appear:

The LogViewer also captures the errors that occur when the ribbon does not appear after an installation and can also be accessed by locating the file XMLExcelerator.log. 

For a standard installation it can be located through the following path: