Analyse and Adjustment Entry

On selecting Analyse from the drill down screen, the following screen will be displayed:

Analyse Sheet Name Window

Selecting OK will generate an analyse sheet named Analyse_ holding details of the drill down transactions (If Add Reanalyse Columns is not ticked then the Adjustment columns shown will not be added.) The other data will be extracted in the order of the columns on the drill down screen.

Extracted Data Image

You can now make adjustments to these transactions. Enter:

  • An adjustment posting code or analysis codes
  • An amount to adjust
  • A description for the adjustment (if required)

Making Adjustments to Data Image

When the adjustments are calculated, analyser will produce a two sided posting, one for the amount to the adjustment posting code or analysis codes, and one for minus the amount to the posting code being analysed. Having entered the adjustments, you can drill-down and adjust other balances before making your trial adjustments.