Download From Sage

There are two ways to specify which data to extract from Sage. Either by selecting ranges, or entering which posting codes on the sheet.

Downloading Ranges of Data

In your standard or custom template, select Analyser->Download. The following screen will be displayed.

Analyser Download Window

NOTE: If "Use posting codes already entered on spreadsheet..." is ticked, then the "Ranges" input area will not appear.


Budgets (1 to 12) - budget codes for budgets being extracted (to Budget(1 to 12) ranges).

Period number to use for YTD Figures - This setting will determine what period to use when calculating YTD figures.

Use posting codes already entered on spreadsheet - Tick to download data for posting codes already entered in the nominal_code range. Untick to download specified ranges of posting codes.

Download actuals for posting code - if this is not ticked, then only posting codes with a budget defined for Budget code 1 will be extracted.

Turns off and on - if ticked, the spreadsheet will not recalculate formula until the download is complete. This can speed up downloads.



These allow a ranges of the posting codes being downloaded, and to limit the download to Balance Sheet or P+L accounts.

Download Data for Posting Codes entered on the Sheet

Clear previously downloaded data using the Budget Master->Clear All option

Enter posting codes in the nominal_code range. A browse is available.

Select Budget Master->Download

Tick the "Use posting code already entered" box. The Ranges section is disappear.

Click OK to Download. Data will be retrieve for any posting codes entered. (Blanks can be left)