Saving Budgets To Sage

You can save budgets either specifying reporting or base currencies. The other currencies figures will be calculated. To enter the reporting currency figures, use the Upload Budgets To Sage (reporting currency) ranges.

  • Enter (or use formula to generate) budget figures into the upload ranges, either year or period (but not both)
  • Select Budget Master->Upload.

Upload Window

You can enter an existing budget code if you are updating, or a new code. Existing codes can be listed.

Select OK to update.

If the budget already exists, the following choice will be displayed:

Upload Options Window

Spread Codes

Spread codes are entered in Sage, in Finance->General Ledger->Create/Amend Master Files->Apportionment Tables.

They are for use with year budget figures. Without a Spread Code Excelerator will apportion a year budget evenly over the number of periods being used. A Spread Code can be used to specify an uneven apportionment. Spread codes can also be entered on the spreadsheet, against individual lines.