NL Journal Excelerator

NL Journal Excelerator allows Sage journals to be entered into Excel. It includes

  • Excelerator flexible design of input templates, including using existing spreadsheets.
  • The ability to browse Sage data from the spreadsheet, including a PowerBrowse on nominal codes.
  • A utility to extract posted journals from Sage for easy reversal.
  • An option to pull back unposted journals to the spreadsheet
  • Single value range, or credit/debit ranges
  • The ability to post different journals from different sheets in a workbook.
  • The ability to post to different Sage companies from different sheets with the workbook, specifying the company on the sheet
  • An option to validate before posting. This option will display a list of errors

Journals created from NL Journal Excelerator will appear as unposted journals in Sage. They can be viewed and posted from General Ledger->Tasks->Journal Entry, or posted from Journal Batch Posting.

Please ensure that you have read Important Information before using Excelerator for the first time, and have checked the Caveats and Supported Projects for this module.