Creating your own Templates

See Getting Started.

Nominal Code/Project Code ranges

A nominal code or project and expense code ranges must be set up. NOTE: In the admin screen, project_code, expense_code and posting_code are shown as mandatory. In fact, you must have either project_code and expense code, or posting_code, or all three.


A "value" range, or "credit" and "debit" ranges must be present on the spreadsheet.

Minimum Ranges

Only two ranges are required: nominal code and value. This allows you to use existing data on a spreadsheet to create a journal very quickly. Just select the posting codes and add the nominal_code range, then select the values, and add the value range, then post away.

Creating Credit and Debit Columns

This is no longer required in the latest version of Excelerator.

The instructions were: Add three columns: one for debits, one for credits, and one for value

  • Assign the value range to the value column
  • Create a forumla in the value column = - <credit cell> + <debit cell>
  • If you wish, you can hide the value column


Select NL Journals->Post to post the journal.

Excelerator will process all rows with a nominal code, or project and expense code. Zero value or blank values will be ignored, as will lines with out a nominal codes or project/expense codes. Processing will continue on the next line.