Supported Projects

DA0370 European Tax - Activated by setting system key CODDA0370 to "YES".

DA0583 G/L Journal Text Extensions. To use, add the extended text ranges.

DA0567 Project Profit and Loss Enhancements . Activated by setting CODDA0567 to "YES".

DA0659 Euro. Activated by adding system key CODDA0659 and setting to "YES". However, currency triangulation is not supported.

DA1169 General Ledger Document Header - Supported. Activated by setting system key CODDA1169 to "YES".

DA1170 Project Ledger/General Ledger Links - Supported. Activated by setting system key CODDA1170 to "YES".

DA0594 G/L Journal Authorisation is partially supported. Unauthorised journals can be uploaded into Sage, and authorised in Sage.

Projects Not Supported


System Keys

NLCOPYJDSC is not relevant to Excelerator.

If DA1169 or DA1170 is activated then the CODCOMPANY system key must be set up. These will be activated if CODVERSION is to indicate Sage 1000.

Number of Journal Lines Allowed

A maximum of 9999 lines per journal is allowed. This restriction is imposed by Sage.

Downloading Project Ledger Information for Posted Journals

Due to limitations in Sage, it is not possible to download project ledger information for posted journals unless the DA1170 project is activated in both Sage and for Excelerator.