Validating and Saving


To validate, select Validate from the Account Codes menu.

Excelerator will validate all new account codes or existing account codes that have changes, and display a list of errors.


To validate, select Save from the Account Codes menu. Data is still validated on when saving. Excelerator will only save new or changed existing account codes.

If selected in Options, you will be warned or prevented from updating existing records.

Updating Posting Codes (Only systems using cost centres)

Account codes have some information that is replicated on their posting codes. When this information is changed, Excelerator updates the dependent posting codes. (This replicates Sage functionality.)

If the short description is changed on the account code, you have the option to recreate the dependent posting codes' description. The following screen will be displayed if changes to a short description are found:

Account Code Warning

If Update, or Update All is chosen, then the dependent posting codes's will have the second half (starting from character 16) replaced by the new short description.

NOTE: All account codes and all posting codes are updated are within a single transaction. This means that Excelerator must have exclusive access to those records for the duration of the update.