Generating Descriptions

If a description is not entered on the spreadsheet, then Excelerator will generate one based on the cost centre and account code's short and long description. A formula can be entered on the spreadsheet to determine how these descriptions are used to generate the posting code description.

If the formula is blank or not on the spreadsheet, then the description will be generated as:

  • Up to 15 Characters from the cost centre short description (with trailing white space removed), + a space character + 14 characters of the account code short description

If either short description is blank, the long description will be used. For codes generated at cost centre level or above, then the cost centre long description will be used.

This differs from the Sage's default method of generating descriptions.

Using the formula

The formula should consist of tokens and text. A valid token will be substituted by the cost centre or account code description.

  • Tokens should be surrounded by curly brackets{ }. Within the brackets should be:
  • An optional "T" (see below)
  • The character c, C, a or A. These represent:
  1. c - Cost centre short description
  2. C - Cost centre long description
  3. a - Account code short description
  4. A - Account code long description
  • Following the character, there must be a 2 figure number, indicating what length of the description should be taken

An example token would be {a10}. This would be substituted with the first 10 characters of the account code's short description.

The full formula

{C15}-{a10} would be substituted with the first 15 characters of the cost centre long description, followed by a dash, then the first 10 characters of the account code short description. The optional "T", if present, would tell Excelerator to remove trailing spaces from the description that substitutes the token.