Coding Invoices

To code a phase 1 posted invoice, you must provide the invoice and supplier number, or the "our reference" of the invoice, and enter nominal ledger codes for the detail lines.

Below is a sample layout.

Sample layout of an Invoice

In this example, the invoice header information is included. However, not all invoice header information can be changed. The following fields can be changed:

  • Effective date
  • Analysis fields
  • Reference Number
  • Authoriser and authoriser date (Changes will be saved immediately to the PL Item)
  • DA0904 Fields

There are two methods available for quick retrieval of invoices:

Once the invoice is coded, you can save to Sage by selecting Save from the PL Code Reg. menu.

Saving to Sage Image

You can validate before saving using the validate option. However, the Save option will also validate.


  • Invoice totals cannot change. You can change the analysis for the invoice, but the total must be the same.
  • There is a batch number range, but that is only used when downloading batches. It is ignored when saving, and the invoices in the sheet can be from different batches.