Purchase Invoice Excelerator is a utility that allows entry of Sage 500/1000 purchase invoice batches in Excel. Features include:

  • To enable you to enter data in the way you want to:
  1. Different method of entering and calculating VAT, including an option to automatically allocate VAT.
  2. Flexible data entry including single invoice/multiple invoices
  • Ability to browse Sage data directly from the spreadsheet
  • Automatic generation of batch numbers and "our reference"
  • Validation of entered data
  • Support for project ledger
  • Download existing batches for amendment
  • Update or append to existing batches
  • Extended functionality that is available:
  1. Keep a copy of batch information (in a sensible structure) that is not deleted at period end.
  2. Find detail information
  3. Store additional analysis and date information for each invoice

Batches entered using PL Invoice Excelerator will appear as unposted batches in Sage.They can be viewed and posted from Account Payable->Tasks->Batches

NOTE: The system key INTUSER must be in Sage from this Excelerator to work.

Please ensure that you have read Important Information before using Excelerator for the first time, and have checked the Caveats and Supported Projects for this module.