Supported Projects

DA0370 - European tax. Activated by adding system key CODDA0370 and setting to "YES".

DA0383 - Extended Supplier on Stop Controls. Activated by setting system key CODDA0383 to "YES"

DA0567 - Project Profit and Loss Enhancements . Activated by setting CODDA0567 to "YES"

DA0659 - Euro. Activated by adding system key CODDA0659 and setting to "YES". However, currency triangulation is not supported.

DA0904 - Purchase Invoice Extensions. Activated by adding system key CODDA0904 and setting to "YES".

DA1173 - Purchase Invoice Payment Status. Activated by adding system key CODDA1173 and setting to "YES".

Projects Not Supported

DA0355 - User access permission views

DA1245 - Enhanced Transaction Tracking The above are NOT supported.

Projects not listed in this section are also NOT supported.

Partially Supported Projects

DA1159 - Group Account Control. Excelerator does not support the new functionality provided by this project, but will work when the system key PLGRPCTRL is NONE. As such, Excelerator can work with Sage 1000 where DA1159 is a mandatory project, providing PLGRPCTRL is set to NONE.

User Not Recorded on Batches

The current version cannot record the actual Sage user against batches, as Excelerator does not use the Sage security system. The user name stored in the system key INTUSER will be recorded against batches.

Maximum Lines Per Invoice

It is not possible to create an invoice with more than 9990 lines, including VAT lines or retention lines that might be generated by Excelerator. This is a restriction imposed by Sage.