Entering Data


A warehouse, product code and description must be entered. Browses are available on some fields, such as warehouse, product and unit code. To save the data, select Stock->Post, then confirm. New stock codes will be created, existing ones will be updated. All rows with a product code entered will be processed. Data entered will be validated by Excelerator. Invalid data will be reported, and the invalid row of data highlighted. It is possible to view details of an entered stock code, including the stock status, directly from the spreadsheet. Select the product code cell, and right click, then select View Stock.

NOTE: Some ranges are ignored for when saving to Sage . These would relate to data that should not be updated outside of Sage, such as stock status information.

Blank Cells

Blank data cells (other than product) can be ignored or processed as entered data, depending on the Options selected. Sage allows entry of total standard and current cost figures. However, these totals must always equal the sum of the cost breakdown; materials, labour, overhead and sub-contracting. Excelerator allows entry of breakdown costs but not totals. Totals are calculated from the breakdown costs. All breakdown costs are updated if any are updated. If other costs are not included, then they will be zeroed.

Using the Default Warehouse Range (not available yet)

This is a single cell header range. You can specify a default warehouse for the whole update. If the warehouse range is missing, or no data is entered, then this value will be used. It must hold a valid warehouse code.

Updating Multiple Warehouses (not available yet)

This facility enables a single product definitions to be maintained for multiple warehouses. It will be activated automatically if no warehouse or default warehouse range is present. Excelerator will create or amend the stock records for all warehouses held in Sage, unless the system key EXWHS is present. If this system key is found, only warehouses listed in this system will be processed.