Downloading From Sage

There are two ways to download data from Sage.

  • Extract ranges of supplier codes
  • Extract details for codes already entered on the sheet.

Downloading a Range of Supplier Codes

Select Suppliers->Download

Download Suppliers Listed in Sheet should not be ticked. Select ranges of supplier codes to be downloaded from Sage . Also, one of the following options is also available:

  • Clear Before Download. Clears down the data currently entered in the ranges before extracting the data from Sage.
  • Append. This will find the first line in the ranges that has no data in or below it. The data will be extract to this and subsequent lines
  • Append From Current Cell.

Select Ranges for Download Window

Download Codes Entered On the Spreadsheet

Enter some stock codes onto a clear sheet.

Select Download, then tick Download Suppliers Codes Listed in Sheet.

Details for the suppliers code already entered on the sheet will be extracted from Sage.