Data Selection Utility

The Data Selection Utility appears in some Excelerators, including some advanced browses. It allows the user to create a set of conditions to select data by.

For example, "Description Start With S" is a condition. More than one condition can be added, and combined as either all conditions, or any of the conditions applying.

Each condition consists of

  • A data field e.g. Warehouse, Product or Description
  • A comparison clause. e.g "is equal to", or "starts with"
  • A value to compare with. e.g. "SALES"

Each of these must be entered to create a condition. The Data Selection Tool appears like this. The arrow shows the button to click to add a condition.

Adding a condition button 

Then select "Add a new condition"

Adding a new condition

The line shown below will appear. Clicking on the "*" allows you to choose a data field for the condition you are adding.

Choosing a Data Field Image

A List of data fields is displayed. Choose the field e.g. Description

List of Data Fields Image

The "is equal to" is the conditions comparison clause. Click on it to change

.Data Selection Utility

Next, enter a value to compare to

Data Comparison Image

In this case, you would enter test e.g. "S". If the data field is a date, then you can enter a date:

Entering a date Image

To add another condition, repeat the process.

NOTE: Sometimes, the add condition button disappears after the first condition has been added. Click on the space where the button should appear.

Data Selection Utility

The condition above is for GL Posting codes, and will select Nominal codes starting with 3 AND alpha codes that are "SALES" You can click on the "all" to change this:

Finished Condition 

The condition will now select Nominal codes starting with 3 OR alpha codes that are "SALES"