Data Selection

The Data Selection Utility allows the user to limit the data displayed in the browse. See Excelerator Data Selection Utility for instructions on using the utility. If the Data Selection utility is being used, no data will be list until a condition is applied (unless the Always Load Quick Save option is set.). Press the Apply button to display the data. The Clear button will clear the conditions.

It is possible to save conditions, and reuse them. You can even automatically apply a set of conditions when the browse is called. This could be useful where large data sets are involved, but a user only ever deals with a part of that data.

Data Selection Image

  • Quick Load - Loads the conditions saved by the last quick save
  • Quick Save - Saves the current conditions (to the registry, not to file)
  • Load From File - Saves the current conditions to a file name you choose
  • Save To File - Loads conditions from a file you choose. Doesn't affect the Quick Save.

To automatically load the Quick Save conditions, set Alway Load Quick Save.


How to automatically display only posting codes starting "3-01" in your browse. Make sure that the Show Data Selection option is set. First, add a condition.

Adding a condition 

Change the condition Field, Comparison and Value to "Nominal Code", "starts with" and "3-01".

Image of the Conditions Field

Click Apply. The browse should list all codes starting with "3-01". Select File->Quick Save. Next, set the Alway Load Quick Save option to ticked. Close the browse. Browse again. Only codes starting "3-01" will be displayed automatically.