If the Excelerator menu bar does not appear after installation, it may be neccessary to use the 'Old style' Add-in method. First, select Add-ins from the Excel menuCreating an add-in

Open Excel and select Tools > Add-Ins.

Selecting the product

You should see Admin and Post Add-Ins for the Excelerator product that you want to use. Tick their boxes, and then click OK.Browsing for an add-in

If the relevant Add-Ins are not in the list, use the Browse button to locate them in the "Addins" folder under the directory where you installed the product.Excelerator Tab

After the Add-Ins have been enabled, you will see a new "Excelerator" menu in Excel, which contains the options that will allow for the product to be used.

You may also have to tick the Advanced->Update Sheet for Browse option.