Central DB Config Utility

This is a utility provided by Codis to allow maintenance of the ExcelCompanies table.

This utility is provided on an as-is basis

The utility is not included in any of the standard Excelerator installations. (This is intentional - it is assumed that it would not be deployed to end-users as a matter of routine.) It can be download from our ftp site as a single installer file, CentralDBConfigSetup.exe.

Once installed, an option "Launch Central DB Config" should appear on the "Codis Excelerator" menu, in the Windows menu (not the Excel menu).

On running this option, the program will ask you to enter the connection details to the Master Database. (This is where the ExcelCompanies table is held, not necessarily csmaster.)

It will then check if the ExcelCompanies table exists in the database. If it doesn't, it will offer to create the table.

A maintenance screen will then be displayed. Enter a record for every Sage company you wish to use Excelerator with. The data entered is the same data you would enter if you were entering the connection details in Excelerator, except that the UserName and Password can be left blank. In this case, the Master Database connection user name and password entered in Excelerator will be used when connecting to the Sage databases entered in ExcelCompanies.

The 'Test Connection' button will allow you to test any entered connection details. You are advised to keep a back up copy of the data you enter.

Central Database Config Utility