NOTES: Administrative rights are required to install Excelerator on Windows 2000/XP Excelerator uses MDAC 2.8 . This will be installed if not present If installing from a CD, the process will automatically start when the CD is inserted in the drive.

If the installation files have been downloaded or copied to the hard drive, the setup.exe file will have to be run.

Excelerator installation welcome screen

The first screen welcomes you to the installation of the product.Click Next.Excelerator Licence Agreement

The licence agreement is then displayed. You should read this, and if you accept the agreement, click Yes.
User name screen for Excelerator installation

The User Name and Company Name details then have to be entered. Enter your full name and the company that you work for, and then select whether the application can be used by any user or just by you. When this has been done, click Next.Program feature selection

You then have to select whether you want all program features to be installed or want to be able to choose only those you require. Also, the default installation folder will be under C:\Program Files, but you can change this by using Browse. When done, click Next.Selecting Features Screen

If you had opted to choose only those features that you require, you will now get the opportunity to do this. A list of features is shown, and a description of each in the right-hand box can be obtained by highlighting the relevant one. Place a tick in the box for those that you want, and then click Next.Set up information screen

You now have the chance to review the settings that you have chosen. If everything is correct, click Next.Installation Complete Screen

The installation will now run, and when you are told it has completed, click Finish.

Note: throughout the process before the installing actually begins, you are given the option of going Back to previous screens if you need to change settings. Also, you can exit the process at any time by clicking Cancel.