Excelerator needs to be licensed in order for it to be used. There are two types of licence:

  1. Demo - This is a 14-day licence and is free . It allows you to experiment with the product for a fortnight.
  2. Full - This is a one-year licence.

To license, open the Administration option (see Starting the software ).

Select File->License. The status of the current license will be displayed. Select License->Enter Activation Code to enter a new license.License Window

The following will be displayed:

Window with Computer ID and Serial Code

You will see a Serial Code and Computer ID. Contact your supplier and state your name, company, the relevant product, whether you require a demo or full licence, and quote the code and ID. We will then state another code which you will have to enter in the Activation Key 1 field.

You can also Email a license request to Codis Click OK, and a message should appear confirming that the activation is complete. Click OK again. You will go back to the original box which will now state that the product is licensed, as well as showing the expiry date. Click Continue, and then Close.

Note for laptops

Use license method B. The license method can be selected from the "License Method" menu option in the License Status screen show above.


When the expiry date has been reached, you will need to contact us again to re-license Excelerator. The same details as when licensing the first time will need to be provided, and you will need to state that you are re-licensing. We will provide another activation key that you will need to input.