Troubleshooting - Installation

Messages about insufficient privledges during installation

You need administrative rights to install Excelerator

Repeatly requests Disk 1 during installation from CD or USB Card

WORK AROUND: Copy installation image to hard-disk and install from there

Excelerator Menu bar does not appear

Are you logged in as a different user from the installation user? See Using When Logged in as a Different User . If you are the user who installed the product, it is still worth following these instructions.

Error registering XXXXXAddIn.dll during installation

If you are using Excel 97, this version does not support this type of add-in. Continue with the installation, and the try the other type of Add-ins as described in Old Style Add-Ins Otherwise, please refer to the general instructions regarding failure to register a dll.

Error registering XXXXX.dll during installation

Please ensure that you have administrative rights on the PC. If you do not, repeat the installation when logged in as a user that does have administrative rights. Otherwise, note the name of the if possible finish the installation try to manually register the dll.

Manually Registration of COM dlls

Run a command shell. (Click Start, then Run, enter cmd, and click OK). This will display a window where you can enter commands. Change directory to the directory which holds the dll, using the cd command. (You can find where files are installed in the Details of Installed Files section.

cd <directory name><return>

eg. cd c:\Program Files\Codis Excelerator\NL Journal Excelerator  <return>

Register the dll file using the regsvr32 command  e.g. regsvr32 nlExcelerator.dll <return>