Using with Citrix or Terminal Services

Excelerator works on Citrix and Terminal Services, and we have a number of such sites. There are a couple of special considerations though:


We use a different licensing model for Citrix and Terminal Services, and both require special licences to be issued.

  • End users are required to give details of named users (see the EULA)
  • Each TS/Citrix server with the software installed must have a licence issued.

For deployments where large numbers of TS/Citrix Servers are used, we recommend Enterprise Excelerator. EE server side components (with licensing controls) can be deployed to a single Application server, and the client components can then be deployed freely to any TS/Citrix servers.

Limited Deployment

The Excelerator menu that appears in Excel only appears for Windows users who have had it added. This is also the case in Citrix or Terminal Services. As such, not all users will have the Excelerator menu. See Using When Logged in as a Different User for details of how to add the menu for other users. (Note: this adds a registry entry under HKEY_CURRENT_USER. There may be ways of deploying this more easily in a Citrix or TS environment).

The connection details are stored by user. As such, not all users will have a means of running Excelerator.