Sage 200 Excelerator Ribbon

Custom Toolbar

Note: The ribbon will only appear for MS Office 2007 onwards. Versions of Excel 2003 or earlier do not support the new ribbon.

Clicking on the Sage 200 Excelerators tab will display the following toolbar options.

Excelerators tab in Excel

Login to Excelerator

Login to the Sage 200 Excelerator using a valid Sage 200 User Name and Password.

The product must be licensed in order to access the modules that are to be used. See the Licensing for instructions on how to do this.

Selecting Login will display the following screen.

Excelerator log in screen

A valid Sage 200 User Name and Password must be entered to order to login to Excelerator.

After entering the credentials and clicking Login, Excelerator may prompt for selection of a company if more than one is available:

Choose Sage 200 company for Excelerator

If required, change the company in the drop-down list and click Select Company or Cancel to abandon.

Excelerator log in screen

The Excelerator menu will then, be extended to display the ribbon(s) for the modules the user has rights to use. 

For example:

Excelerator ribbon in Excel