Introducing Excelerator

Sage 200 Excelerator is a powerful Microsoft Excel Add-In that enables seamless integration from Excel to Sage.

Excelerator combines the flexibility of Excel with the financial rigour of Sage Accounting principles. Powerful and flexible Excel features such as formulas and macros can be used to prepare the data for upload to Sage. Excelerator provides instant on screen error validation, so that any data discrepancy is resolved immediately. All validation and controls inherent in Sage are enforced before the data is posted so that the integrity of data is never compromised. 

Security is paramount hence Excelerator only allows secure and controlled access to Sage data using valid Sage 200 credentials. Users are only permitted access to the Sage tables if they have the relevant authority.

The convenience of using Excel along with the user-friendly interface ensures that work is completed in a shorter time than would be the case when using the Sage data entry screens.

Our testimonials describe how Excelerator has saved many companies hours (even days) of user processing time every month during intensive accounting period end processing.

Sage 200 Excelerator Key Features

  • Enter NL Journals, Sales and Purchase Invoices (and many more) into Excel. 
  • Upload to or download from Sage at a click of a button. 
  • A flexible format for the data entry. 
  • Design your own templates using the powerful Spreadsheet Designer or Utilise existing templates. 
  • Validation of entered data. 
  • Powerful data browses directly on Sage data. 
  • Runs independently of Sage. It is not necessary to have a Sage client running.