How Excelerator Modules Are Loaded


All Excelerator .Net Applications load from a single Addin that is run when Excel loads

The sequence is:

  • The Addin is run and its configuration is loaded.
  • The bootstrap assembly and configuration is loaded.
  • The product suite (e.g Sage 200 Standard, Sage 1000 Standard, Sage 1000 Enterprise client) is loaded. This displays a ribbon in Excel for the product suite.
  • Module menus are loaded.  This displays a menu in the ribbon for the module
  • Optionally, modules can be 'delay loaded' - the load is started by clicking a button on the menu.

All configuration files are read from the installation directory.


The adxloader.dll is registered as an addin during the installation, so should run when Excel is loaded.  It reads from the adxloader.dll.manifest from its own directory to determine which bootstraps to load.  This should only ever load the Codis.Excelerator.Standard.SharedAddin.dll assembly bootstrap.

The manifest file also includes an option to turn logging on or off.  <loaderSettings generateLogFile="true" />.   The log is named adxloader.log and is in <My Documents>\Add-in Express. This log only includes information about the adxloader and the bootstrap loading.


This is the Codis.Excelerator.Standard.SharedAdd.dll assembly.  This assembly controls the loaded for all the Excelerator product suites. 

Its logging configuration is in the app.config file in the installation directory, and is log4net configuration.  By default logging is activated and logs to the XMLExcelerator.log file in C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Roaming\Codis\Excelerator, in a formatted XML format.

This log is best viewed using the Log Viewer program.  This can be run either from the Excelerator menu in Windows or the Excelerator menu in Excel.  (Note: the latter may not be available if the Excel ribbon fails to load).

This will read files from the installation directory.