Loading a product suite

Examples of product suites are Sage 200 Standard, Sage 1000 Standard, Sage 1000 Enterprise client.

The ContainerDef.xml files found in the installation directory determines which product suites are loaded.There should be one ContainerDef.xml file per product suite.  e.g. Codis.Excelerator.SageStandard.ContainerDef.xml loads 

Each product suite displays its own ribbon in Excel.

Excelerator container definition code

This configuration describes:

An assembly that should be loaded. 

Which class should be called to create the product suite and display a ribbon for the product suite.

Each product suite will then read a particular set of module configuration files to load the module menus. E.g. Sage 1000 Enterprise will load all files Codis.Enterprise.<module name>.AddinDef.xml.