Adding Buttons on the Spreadsheet

It is possible to add buttons to a spreadsheet that invoke Excelerator menu options.

The button must be linked to VBA code. Example of VBA code:

Example of VBA code

Apart from any custom functionality you might want to add, the lines of code other than the line starting with "Call adxModule.InvokeMenuOption..." will be consistent for any menu option.  The parameters sent to InvokeMenuOption will vary depending on the menu option you wish to run.  These parameters are:

  1. containerAssembly: name of the assembly used to specify the application e.g "Codis.Excelerator.Standard"
  2. moduleCaption: The caption for the module whose method you wish to invoke eg. "CB Payments"
  3. methodName: The method name for that module e.g "SaveBatch"